Made possible with funding from 4–VA, a statewide initiative dedicated to fostering collaboration among Virginia universities with the goal of improving all Virginians’ access to higher education, Teaching Hidden History is a hybrid course featuring online components and in-person meetings utilizing 4–VA Telepresence rooms. Students from multiple 4–VA institutions will participate simultaneously. The course integrates digital history, history education, and best practices in teaching and learning history. Students will conduct research using primary and secondary sources to develop online history modules using an open-source platform.

The higher education landscape is constantly changing, including a rapid rise in distance education dominated primarily by science, math, and technology. There is a need for online educational opportunities that incorporate best practices for inquiry-based, active learning and humanities courses can provide a good model. Teaching Hidden History provides a unique opportunity for graduate and advanced undergraduate students in history and social studies education to strengthen historical research and historical thinking skills while utilizing digital tools and exploring history education in an online environment. For more information on the on-going collaboration in creating and implementing this course, please see the course blog.

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  • Dr. Kelly Schrum, Project Director
  • Nate Sleeter, Associate Director and Instructor
  • Anthony Pellegrino, Instructor
  • Yonghee Suh, Old Dominion Coordinator and Researcher
  • Dr. Mark Barrow, Virginia Tech Coordinator
  • Regan Shelton, Virginia Tech Coordinator and Instructor
  • James McCartney, Lead Developer
  • Joo Ah Lee, Developer and Designer